The characteristics of different types of blended fabrics


Sheep and rabbit hair blended products: Sheep and rabbi […]

Sheep and rabbit hair blended products: Sheep and rabbit hair blended products are commonly used materials for high-end coats, tweed or fine wool knitted fabrics. As the name suggests, sheep and rabbit hair blends are textiles mixed with wool and rabbit hair, so they have a rich variety of colors. The blending of rabbit hair makes the fabric feel more shiny than pure wool fabrics, and the blending of wool makes the coloring of the fabric more vivid and unique.

TR fabric: TR fabric is a polyester-viscose blended fabric, often used to make stand-up collar jackets, lapel jackets and casual wear. TR fabrics are washable and wearable, mixed with viscose fibers to improve the breathability of the fabric. This type of blended fabric is characterized by smooth surface, bright color and good elasticity.
High-density NC cloth: High-density NC cloth is a fabric made of nylon and cotton yarn blended and interwoven. It is a commonly used material for fabric sofas. High-density NC cloth has the advantages of good moisture absorption, good elasticity, and lightness of nylon. It also has the advantages of soft and comfortable cotton yarn blending. In addition, high-density NC cloth is not easy to wear and easy to clean, which is very suitable as a sofa material.

3M Waterproof Mousse Cloth: 3M Waterproof Mousse Cloth is a high-density fabric woven from superfine fibers, which has countless times more micropores than ordinary fabrics. 3M waterproof mousse cloth feels soft, smooth and delicate, and has strong decontamination and degreasing ability. Because the molecules of 3M glue penetrate into the fabric, it also has a good waterproof function. It is widely used in clothing and has been very popular in Europe and America.

I believe that after the above introduction to blended fabrics, you have no doubt about "what kind of fabric is blended", and you have a general understanding of the types of blended fabrics.

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