Nylon Covered Yarn

Nylon Covered Yarn

Hangzhou Jinfeng Textile Co., Ltd

Business Type:Manufacturer
Terms of payment and delivery:Consultation
Texture:Nylon, polyester, viscoelastic
Packing details:Consultation
Delivery time:Consultation
Product usage:Clothing

Product Details

Nylon Covered Yarn is an all-around stretch silk, some of its uses are in industrial settings. Then, there are nylon 6.6 and six high-strength multifilament yarn, which are used in tire cord fabrics and fishing nets. Nylon fdy UV protected yarn is used in canvas and braid.The durability and stretchability of nylon are also advantages. It extends the life of natural fiber clothing and other hard-wearing products. Its addition to natural fiber yarns will also keep the finished project's shape. It is especially useful for clothing because 85%/15% wool/nylon blend can offer three times the durability of a 100% wool sock yarn.
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Supplier and Company

Hangzhou Jinfeng Textile Co., Ltd is famous China ODM Nylon Covered Yarn suppliers, our factory located in Jingjiang Street Industrial Park, Xiaoshan District, Hangzhou City, Zhejiang Province. It covers an area of 32.6 acres and has a plant area of 18,000 square meters. It has knitting machine and 1000 type polyester texturing machine. It is mainly engaged in polyester, Nylon Covered Yarn, cotton and nylon. , production and processing of blended fabrics such as spandex, dyeing and finishing, and sales, DTY polyester yarn production and processing... We have different production processes, which can meet the development and production of products of different colors, different sizes and different materials. We also custom Nylon Covered Yarn. Provide OEM/ODM.
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