Talking about why digital printing has become more and more popular in recent years


Digital printing is a relatively new printing method. I […]

Digital printing is a relatively new printing method. It is combined with a computer to reduce manual operation through intelligence and automation. At the same time, the on-demand inkjet principle of digital printing greatly reduces pollution emissions. It even achieves zero emissions, thus achieving the current green and environmentally friendly printing method. At present, China's economy is in a period of rapid development. New technologies represented by the Internet and the combination of traditional industrial production and network digital are profoundly changing China's traditional industries.

In the past, the Internet was relatively independent of online and face-to-face interviews. However, in recent years, more and more attention has been paid to a mode of combining online and offline, which can be operated and controlled anytime and anywhere, combining virtual and real Fusion together mode. Digital printing is such a model, which perfectly combines network digital and industrial production. It has the characteristics of low cost, small batch, fast response, high quality, and pollution-free.

The last key factor is our color. A good-looking dress has three key factors: style, fabric and color. When a consumer buys clothes, the first thing they look at is the color. Do you think when we buy clothes, what attracts us at a glance is the beauty of the color, followed by the style, and finally the fabric. We must have the three pieces of information contained in a good-looking piece of clothing. It is necessary to give consumers a sense of shock visually to stimulate consumers to buy your products.

In the past few years, many domestic brands of digital printing inks have appeared. Although these printing inks are low in price, they still lack the printing color, and the upper limit is low. Many manufacturers still use imported inks, which are excellent in color fastness and vividness. There are certain advantages in terms of temperature, so many manufacturers are still using imported inks, and it may be widely used after the quality of domestic inks is improved in a few years.


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