Jacquard fabric kit

Summary:Jacquard cotton is a kind of fabric that is different from printed cotton. Jacquard fabric is a textile composed of inte...

Jacquard cotton is a kind of fabric that is different from printed cotton. Jacquard fabric is a textile composed of interlaced lines of warp and weft. It also has uneven patterns. The pattern is woven during the weaving process. Out of it, we can also weave different patterns according to different fabric backings.


Jacquard fabrics have a wide range of applications, such as clothing or bedding. Because of their advantages of lightness, flexibility, and good breathability, they are very popular in life. But this kind of fabric is easy to fade, and it will easily lose its elasticity after being used for a long time. It must be well maintained in normal use.

Jacquard fabric cleaning method:

1. Put the jacquard fabric in cold water for five or six minutes, not more than 10 minutes. Since jacquard fabrics are easy to fade, do not soak them together with other easily dyed clothes. Then gently wash with washing powder or soap. Don't use too much washing powder, just make bubbles.

2. After washing, don't rub it hard, gently press the water, then shake it to dry, so as to avoid wrinkles and damage the beauty of the clothes; do not put the jacquard fabric in the sun and expose it. Dry in a cool, ventilated place.

3. After the clothes are dried, they should be well maintained and can be ironed, but the temperature needs to be controlled, and it should not be too high. It should be about 150 degrees. During the operation, be careful not to directly press on the silk surface to avoid Aurora appears. When storing it, you should hang it on a hanger to maintain its shape. This method can also avoid mildew or bacteria in the fabric.

The difference between jacquard and printing

Many people will confuse jacquard fabrics with printed fabrics, in fact, these are two kinds of fabrics.

Jacquard is a machine that uses different processes to make the fabric have different stripes, form patterns, and have a convex and concave feeling. After the fabric is formed, you cannot choose the flower; the printed fabric is woven after the fabric is woven and printed. Therefore, the two are essentially different.

Compared to printing, jacquard will be better and the corresponding cost will be higher. In general, jacquards on the market are more upscale and have higher prices, and printing will be slightly cheaper.

Jacquard is woven in the process of weaving, and printing is printed on white or colored cloth with different patterns. In general, the front and back sides of the jacquard are regular and neat, and the reverse side of the printing will be slightly different from the color of the front side. The printed lining is flat, the front pattern is clear, and the back is more blurred. The jacquard lining pattern is more three-dimensional, which increases the thickness of the fabric to a certain extent.

Jacquard kit meaning in Chinese

Jacquard kit refers to bedding made of jacquard fabrics. There are three-piece suits, four-piece suits, etc., which include bed sheets, pillowcases, and quilt covers.

Jacquard four-piece advantages:

1. Wood grain texture

The jacquard material has a woody texture, which restores the natural sense of vicissitudes and returns to the reality of nature.

2. Silver film

The four-piece jacquard set of silver opening is like sparkling wave, smart, watery, and the combination of sub-texture and bright pattern is more texture and taste.

3. Fragmented jacquard

The purple dots on the jacquard fabric are like scattered cherry petals. They are full of enthusiasm and can ignite the atmosphere of our room.

4. Checkered jacquard

When the purple romance meets the rationality above the plaid, it blends in a gentle calmness, making people unconsciously want to be close.