What is the difference between brushed fabric and cotton fabric

Summary:Introduction of brushed fabric and cotton fabric, what is the difference between brushed fabric and cotton fabric? Now t...

Introduction of brushed fabric and cotton fabric, what is the difference between brushed fabric and cotton fabric? Now there are more and more fabrics on the market. Different fabrics have different quality characteristics. Frayed fabrics and cotton fabrics are two types of fabrics that are often used in bedding. the difference.

The brushed fabric is soft, warm and comfortable, suitable for winter use, and the brushed products will not fade and pilling. However, because its wool will fall off, people who are allergic to hair and dust should not use a quilt made of sanded fabric. Pure cotton fabrics have good moisture absorption and breathability, no irritation to the skin, can better moisturize the skin and prevent allergies. Therefore, the choice of brushed fabric or cotton bedding depends on personal needs, which is the best fit.

Introduction of brushed fabrics and cotton fabrics

What is a brushed fabric

Sanding, also called sanding. Can make the warp and weft yarn produce fluff at the same time, and the fluff is short and dense. The suede is smooth, full and soft, rich in suede, soft in gloss, and no aurora. The brushed fabric is fluffy, thick, and has good thermal performance. It can also be used as a thin quilt in summer, and it can not afford the ball.

Features of brushed fabric

Soft and thick. Through continuous friction, the fabric becomes very soft, just like kneading the dough continuously, it will become more and more soft and flexible. Will not be easy to pilling clothes look good and like, but easy to pilling, this is a problem encountered by many fabric clothes, but brushed fabric will not, because of the unique sanding process, will usually wear clothes and The friction caused by washing clothes is completely removed during the production process. This is an innovation in the production process and a new variety. We imitate the strong human body. We will make the fabric and add polyurethane emulsion, and then go through a new round of sanding, which can make the surface of the fabric form a simulation effect of artificial leather.

What is cotton fabric

Pure cotton fabric is a textile made of cotton as the raw material. At present, according to the actual source of processed cotton, it is divided into virgin cotton fabric and recycled cotton fabric. Cotton with a cotton content of 65% or more is pure cotton. Do not think that pure cotton is organic cotton. They still have different characteristics.

Characteristics of cotton fabric


Cotton fiber has good hygroscopicity. The fiber can absorb moisture into the surrounding atmosphere, and it can also disperse water into the air to keep the fabric in a water-balanced state and make people feel comfortable.

2, thermal insulation

Because cotton fiber is a poor conductor of heat and electricity, the thermal conductivity is extremely low, and because the cotton fiber itself has the advantages of porosity and high elasticity, it has good thermal insulation.

3.Heat resistance

Pure cotton fabrics have good heat resistance. When the temperature is below 110 ℃, it will only cause the water on the fabric to evaporate and will not damage the fibers.

4.Alkali resistance

Cotton fiber has greater resistance to alkali. Cotton fiber is in alkaline solution, and the fiber will not be destroyed. This property is helpful for washing and disinfecting pollution after taking.


Cotton fiber is a natural fiber. Its main component is cellulose, which contains a small amount of waxy substances, nitrogenous substances and pectin. The fabric is in contact with the skin without any irritation and no side effects.