What is the composition of NR mesh fabric that gives the fabric its elastic properties?

Summary: NR (Natural Rubber) mesh fabric's elastic properties primarily stem from the composition of natural rubber, also known ...
NR (Natural Rubber) mesh fabric's elastic properties primarily stem from the composition of natural rubber, also known as latex. Natural rubber is a polymer material obtained from the latex sap of rubber trees (Hevea brasiliensis). The key components contributing to the fabric's elasticity are:
Polymer Structure: Natural rubber consists of long-chain polymers composed of repeating units of the organic compound isoprene. This polymer structure gives rubber its characteristic elasticity. The polymer chains are entangled in a disorganized manner, allowing them to stretch and then return to their original shape when the stretching force is released.
Cross-Linking: The rubber polymer chains are cross-linked with sulfur atoms through a process called vulcanization. Vulcanization enhances the rubber's elasticity, strength, and durability. During vulcanization, sulfur bridges are formed between adjacent polymer chains, creating a three-dimensional network that limits the sliding of chains past each other.
Amorphous Regions: Natural rubber has amorphous regions within its polymer structure, which means that the polymer chains are disordered and not arranged in a regular crystalline pattern. This amorphous nature contributes to the rubber's ability to deform and then return to its original shape, as the chains can move more freely in these regions.
Coiled Structure: At rest, natural rubber chains are coiled, and when a stretching force is applied, these chains can uncoil, allowing the material to stretch. The entropic forces associated with chain uncoiling contribute to the rubber's elasticity.
Entropic Elasticity: Natural rubber's elasticity is also known as entropic elasticity, which means that when the material is stretched, the chains attempt to return to their more random, coiled state, resulting in a restoring force that brings the material back to its original shape.
In NR mesh fabric, natural rubber is combined with mesh fabric, which adds structural support and allows for air circulation. The mesh fabric provides stability while the natural rubber component contributes to the fabric's stretchability and elasticity. This combination of materials results in a textile that is both flexible and breathable, making it suitable for various applications where elasticity and comfort are essential.