What is flame retardant fabric and its use


I think people who have never been in touch with flame- […]

I think people who have never been in touch with flame-retardant fabrics must think that they will not catch fire when they hear this term for the first time. But today we want to explain to everyone about the nature and use of this material. Prove that this statement is actually wrong.

The function of flame-retardant fabric is not to effectively block the fire and the burning of objects. Its function is to extinguish it by its own properties when it leaves the burning flame after it catches fire, without secondary combustion. Don't underestimate this material. It is mandatory to use this material in warehouses with many chemical raw materials.

This is responsible for the people’s property and safety and can reduce the spread of fire. In particular, chemical materials with a particularly low fire point must be equipped with flame retardant fabrics when they are stored. It takes advantage of the flame-retardant fabric to extinguish itself after leaving the flame. When we store it, we will greatly reduce the worry about safety hazards. In the event of a fire, the flame-retardant fabric is sometimes extinguished, which can help us recover losses.

Some people in the world invented flame-retardant fabrics and solved a lot of concerns for us all. For example, the ignition point of phosphorus is very low, which means it may start to burn at ordinary temperatures. So we need to be very careful about the storage of such chemicals. Once improperly handled, there will be fires that will hurt people and money. With the production of flame-retardant cloth, we can use this material when making work clothes. In the event of a fire, the flame-retardant fabric clothing we wear can give our skin a good protection. It's like being coated with a protective film.

When the flame burns on the clothes, it will not continue to burn like other materials, but can go out by itself. For a chemical company, it is necessary to have a piece of work clothes about flame retardant cloth, so that it can guarantee the safety of its products and employees. Employees will not be distracted when doing dangerous work, and they will not refuse his work because they are worried about their lives.

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