What are the advantages of "Jacquard" technology

Summary:The concept of "jacquard": Textiles are made up of interlaced warp and weft threads. As early as the ancient Silk Road, ...

The concept of "jacquard":

Textiles are made up of interlaced warp and weft threads. As early as the ancient Silk Road, Chinese silk was famous all over the world for its jacquard weaving.

In the process of weaving, jacquard fabrics have high requirements on cotton yarns, and cotton yarns of inferior quality can’t produce patterns at all. Jacquard is also divided into plain jacquard and twill jacquard.

Jacquard fabrics can be divided into woven jacquard, warp-knitted jacquard and weft-knitted jacquard. Among them, weft-knitted jacquard has excellent elasticity when stretched horizontally and vertically, while warp-knitted and woven jacquard are not elastic. Online Marketing Navigation

The difference between "three flowers":

The pattern of printing is printed on the fabric by dyes or pigments, with bright and rich colors;

The pattern of jacquard is formed by the change of fabric structure, which has a sense of decoration and quality;

The pattern of embroidery is embroidered on the fabric with embroidery thread, and the pattern can be changed at will.

The printing is flat. Although the jacquard is plain but the mechanism is complicated, the embroidery is embroidered on the fabric, which is flexible and random, and can be mass-produced.

Features of "Jacquard":

1. The jacquard fabric is woven with unique craftsmanship, the pattern is uniform, three-dimensional, and of higher grade. It can weave a variety of patterns of flowers, birds, fish, insects, birds and beasts. Worry about boring and monotonous patterns.

2. Soft and smooth, not easy to fade: the quality of the yarn used for the jacquard is required to be too hard. If the quality is too low, the formed pattern will not be woven. The yarn count is generally about 40. The quality of the jacquard bed is thick, soft and smooth. It is not easy to deform, fade, pilling, and it is refreshing and breathable when used.

3. Clear layers and strong sense of three-dimensionality: The monochrome jacquard fabric is a jacquard dyed fabric, which is a pure color fabric that is dyed after weaving the jacquard grey fabric by a jacquard loom. This kind of jacquard fabric has large and exquisite patterns, distinct color levels and strong three-dimensionality, while the pattern of the small jacquard fabric is relatively simple.