Reasons for poor color fastness of silk fabrics and its care


Silk fabric is composed of natural protein fibers. This […]

Silk fabric is composed of natural protein fibers. This feature makes it more breathable and softer than other fabrics. But also because of this characteristic, mulberry silk fabric has an insurmountable shortcoming-the color fastness is not high.
Protein is afraid of high temperature, so mulberry silk fabrics cannot accept high temperature processing. In the dyeing process, high temperature dyeing cannot be carried out, and high temperature fixing cannot be carried out. This is a major reason why the color fastness is not high.
Also, proteins are easily damaged in alkaline environments, so acid dyes are generally used for dyeing. The fabric dyed with acid dyes is bright and full, but the color fastness is not high.
In fact, a large part of silk fabrics are bound to fade, such as light yellow, silver gray, pink, light green, light blue, etc., but silk clothes of this color are not resistant to sunlight. Among the silk fabrics of medium shades, most of the brighter colors are easy to fade, such as golden, orange, light green, brilliant blue, brilliant pink, ground red and so on. The color is gray and dark, such as grass green, various types of gray, brownish yellow, camel and so on. Most of the dark silk clothes are easier to fade, especially like red, purple, brilliant blue, plum green, etc., which are almost bound to fade.
Detergent selection: chemical detergents are generally not suitable for silk fabrics. If it is underwear or contains dirty stains, it is recommended to use neutral bath liquid for washing.
Water temperature control: high water temperature is the second killer of silk fabrics, so when washing, do not use hot water soaking, be sure to use cold water at room temperature, and not soak for a long time. Otherwise it will cause the silk to turn yellow or fade. If you use hot water and soak it for a long time, it will even stain the whole pot of water in serious cases!
Method of scrubbing: different silk fabrics. Pure cotton chemical fiber fabrics are firm. No silk fabrics can be machine washed. When washing at home, you must use hand wash and do not rub vigorously. Usually you should use "washing" or "rinsing", if it is particularly dirty Wherever, you can use a soft towel dipped in detergent to wipe gently, preferably not scrubbing.
Final drying: Silk has poor light resistance and long-term absorption of ultraviolet light will cause yellowing and hardening. Therefore, when drying, you must avoid direct sunlight, and place the reverse side of the clothes in a cool place. When they are 80 to 90% dry, take them off and iron them with a medium-low temperature iron to keep the clothes shiny and durable. ; Avoid spraying water when ironing, and it is best not to iron it from the front to avoid water stains.

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