Know About Jacquard Weft-Knitted Fabrics


Jacquard is one of the fabrics which is used in making […]

Jacquard is one of the fabrics which is used in making clothing items. It is considered as the best cloth for different types of uses. One of the most popular types of cloth is knitted Jacquard fabric. The fabric with double layer mesh construction produces a different pattern of embroidery designs. Because of lightweight, breathable, and fine material characteristics, it is suitable for summer wear, upper, sports apparel, luggage container, and homewares.

Double Layer Knitted Jacquard Fabric A one-piece production usually made of knitted Jacquard fabric, made from a single piece of material, has more density compared to other forms. The cloth is usually machine washable and dries quickly after cleaning. In addition, this kind of production process usually provides stretchable appearance.

Single-Layers Knitted Jacquard Fabric There is a type of production which produces one-piece production of knitted Jacquard fabric. This type of production usually makes use of woven fine yarn like cashmere to produce thick and durable materials. This type of production is done by using large mesh looms. The material produced is usually very fine, soft, and lightweight. It has excellent insulating properties.

Double Layer Jacquard Fabrics The production of double-layered Jacquard fabrics has high thread count or threads per square inch value. The production of this type of material is usually done using flat loom machines. The cloth produced has good absorbing capability and it is suitable for warm weather applications.

Long Embellished Jacquard Fabric Long-embellished is another type of production process. This is the same as one-piece production. However, the process of long-embellished fabric does not only make use of flat machines but it also uses machinery with integrated revolving and stationary machines.

Printed Fabric Jacquard Fabrics These types of fabrics which are commonly used as labels or as the outer texture of clothing. They can be made from various synthetic fibers like acrylic, nylon, polyester, and others. The printed fabrics are known for their quality and durability. In fact, many customers prefer printed fabrics because of their soft and breathable nature. In addition to that, the printed fabric is very easy to maintain and wash.

Stereoscopic Effect Jacquard Fabric Stereoscopic effect is another kind of production process that uses light to imprint a surface on a fiber. The most common use of the stereoscopic effect is in the manufacture of printed fabrics. For example, the label or the garment label can be imprinted by exposing the fiber to a laser or a light source. After it has been imprinted, the garment's surface density is then applied to it.

High stiffness Stereoscopic Effect Jacquard Fabric These types of fabrics are also called as super high stiffness or super-refined high stiffness fabrics. It uses light to create the imprinted surface. Unlike the knitted fabric which uses threads to create the pattern, the printed fabrics use a different method to create the pattern. For example, some fabrics use a carbon fiber filament to create the pattern while others use a yarn. Basically, the high stiffness stertorate effect uses light to create the pattern on the surface of the garment.

All three types of Jacquard fabrics are produced by using the same inlay yarn. The yarns used in producing these types of fabrics are silk, cotton and wool. Most of the time, there are three kinds of Jacquard weft-knitted fabrics available in the market today. These are the satin Jacquard fabric, flatware, and wire weft-knitted fabrics.

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