How to identify knitted jacquard fabric

Summary:How to identify knitted jacquard fabric 1. Electronic dobby: Weaving small jacquard fabrics, under normal circumstances...

How to identify knitted jacquard fabric

1. Electronic dobby: Weaving small jacquard fabrics, under normal circumstances, it receives power from the industrial computer through electromagnetic iron to control the brown frame up and down.

2. Electronic jacquard faucet: weaving the jacquard fabric, the electronic pattern needle receives the instructions of the industrial computer to control the movement of each thread. Generally speaking, the heald frames of the dobby loom are 16 to 20 pieces, and the most common jacquard faucet is 2640 stitches.

Wear heddle:

1. The multi-arm heald drawing principle is described in the fabric structure: warp yarns with the same ups and downs interweaving rules are generally inserted into the same page heald, or they can be inserted into different healds, and the warp yarns with different interweaving rules must be worn separately. In different pages. At least one draw-through loop is drawn in the draw-in drawing.

2. The electronic jacquard baotou is baotou from left to right. The above is the basic situation in the production process of large and small jacquard to help understand.

The above is the identification method I introduced to you about knitted jacquard fabrics, then the next is the judgment method of knitted jacquard fabrics:

First, determine the warp and weft of the fabric;

Second, find a complete weft cycle;

3. Find out how many warp yarns with different movements in a complete cycle;

Under normal circumstances, the number of warp yarns in different sports below 20 is small jacquard, and more than 20 is large jacquard. Above is only a preliminary judgment. In the actual process, it is necessary to analyze the company's equipment configuration, such as the maximum configuration of a company's dobby weaving With 16 heald frames, weaving fabrics with different numbers of warp yarns must be woven with jacquard weaving. At the same time, the heald density of each heald must be taken into account, because the density of each heald will lead to life Not easy to do and other issues. For example, it is preliminarily judged that 20 warp yarns with different movements are used. The company is equipped with a 20-strand heald loom, but the density of each heald is too large due to the excessive fabric density. .

In actual work, whether it is design or sales, you can analyze and judge according to your actual situation.