Common types of fabrics


In the world of clothing, the fabrics of clothing are v […]

In the world of clothing, the fabrics of clothing are varied, changing with each passing day. But generally speaking, high-quality, high-end fabrics have the characteristics of comfortable wearing, sweat-absorbent, breathable, drape, noble vision, soft touch, etc.

The clothing worn in formal social occasions should be made of pure cotton, pure wool, pure silk and pure linen. Most of the garments made with these four pure natural texture fabrics are of higher grade. Sometimes, wearing clothing made of pure leather is also allowed.

(1) Woven Fabric

Also known as woven fabric, it is a fabric formed by vertically interweaving warp yarns and weft yarns. There are three basic structures: plain, twill and satinweave. Different woven fabrics are also composed of these three basic organizations and their changing organizations. There are mainly Chiffon, Oxford, Denim, Drill, Flannel, Damask and so on.

(2) Knitted Fabric

Knitting needles are used to form yarns or filaments into loops, and then the loops are intertwined. Because of the structural characteristics of the knitted fabric, the yarn storage capacity per unit length is large, so most of them have good elasticity. Knitted fabrics are divided into single-sided and double-sided. There are mainly single jersey , velvet, bird eye cloth, mershfishnet and so on.

Knitted fabrics can be divided into two categories: weft-knitted fabrics and warp-knitted fabrics.

①Weft-knitted fabric is a fabric in which yarn is fed in the weft direction, and the same yarn is sequentially bent into loops and intertwined with each other. The most common sweaters are weft knitted fabrics.

② The direction of the stringing of the warp-knitted fabric coil is exactly opposite to that of the weft-knitting. It is a group or groups of parallel-arranged yarns, which are fed according to the warp direction, bent into loops and interwoven with each other.

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